As well as playing and singing live I’m also a very active studio musician, engineer and producer. I co-produced the album ‘A Temporal Shift’ which has had a soft-release this week and is available on download and the response has been absolutely mind-blowingly good!

The album was a project that we funded on Kickstarter. My dad did the music for loads of computer games back in the 80s and 90s from the ZX Spectrum, C64, Atari ST, Amiga through to the early PC and console games. In those days you couldn’t just record the music and put it into the game, you had to program the music in, in code. Telling the computer where to locate each sound on the sound chip and how long to play it for etc. It hardly resembles any recording techniques you’ll be familiar with at all. My dad was a musician, composer and taught himself to program machine-code aswell. So he was uniquely skilled to be one of the few people in the country that could do this job of creating and implementing music in computer games.

His music was greatly loved by many and in recent years we suddenly because aware through the wonders of the internet, just how much impact and influence he had on early gamers! There’s  a lot of love for what’s now called Retrogaming and so we wondered if any of them would be interested in helping fund a pretty big project and that was to re-make his best game music tracks with modern recording techniques, including his 2 big classical themes from the huge game Elite Frontier 2 with a full orchestra at Abbey Road. We managed to raise £35,000 on Kickstarter which is what we needed for the project as the expenses involved, especially with the Elite 2 Frontier tracks were hugely expensive. We went into Abbey Road and booked the Chamber Orchestra of London and employed the great skills of Tom Player and Owain Llwyd as orchestral arrangers. And the results were staggering!

Abbey Road - Small-105

Chamber Orchestra of London recording the Elite 2: Frontier tracks at Abbey Road Studios. Photo by York Place Studios

The rest of the album is a mixture, lots of fast-paced electro and rock and some more trip-hoppy merged with Zeppelin and Pink Floyd -esque meanderings. The game tracks we remade included:

Frontier Elite 2, Starglider, Carrier Command, Beneath A Steel Sky, Midwinter 2 Flames of Freedom, Microprose F1 Grand Prix, After Burner and Incredible Shrinking Sphere.

You can hear previews and download the album on either Flac and MP3 or just MP3 from our website here:

1temporal shift cover MEDIUM res

Album Cover of A Temporal Shift. Artwork by Patrick Burke

Here are just some of the comments we have received from our Kickstarter backers this week:

Wow.. this album is awesome.. that frontier main theme… i’m lost for words! 😀

Simply EPIC! Thank you SO much for doing this, absolutely love it!

Amazing, this simultaneously takes me back to my childhood and improves on it. Hearing those tracks in orchestral format really is Nostalgia Plus! Thanks for pulling off this project. 🙂

I’ve listened to this record a few times tonight and it just gets better and better. I think it’s something you can truly be proud of and I am so glad that I chose to back this project. Besides the great end product it has also been by far the most interesting project to follow for me so far thanks to the detailled updates from Holly and Dave. Thanks for doing this and good luck with your coming projects. Perhaps another Kickstarter at some point? 🙂

Hi Dave and Holly! I’ve listened the whole album several times already! It only gets better and better after each hearning. It’s a masterpiece, really. Congratulations and thank you so much for doing this. I hope you make another one in the future. I will be there to back it too for sure! 🙂

Hrr..I got shivers down my spine listening to the Frontier theme for the first time! LOUD, I must add..
Sounds great! The part around 2:50 could be directly from a Star Trek movie

And heck, “Games” is pure David Bowie after the radio chatter!

Oh brilliant work, infact i would say it was “amazingly brilliant”. So many different styles which i’m loving especially “games” which is just pure bowie, F1 has a great touch of “mexican” and almost made me feel like speedy gonzales and hearing the frontier tracks while playing Elite Dangerous was immense and totally way above what i was expecting, big congrats to Dave & Holly and everyone involved for creating something very special.

loving the album 😎

Frontier tracks… both of them… They are definitely not from this world! Absolutely brilliant! Musical orgasm! And the second theme, it wasn’t my favourite before, but now… I’m not sure if it isn’t even better than main theme! Luuuv <3! Thank you very much for great work!

Well I never. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this has really surprised me. I’m getting goosebumps. This is really really good. Thank you for all your hard work. It was worth it.

Sauce, of the most awesome variety. Frontier, Beneath a Steel Sky and Carrier Command – three of my favourite Atari ST/early PC games brought back to life in glorious technicolour… err stereo.

It’s all great stuff, but the Frontier: Elite 2 tracks are incredible! I want more! (And I’d help fund it, too!)

Listening to “Just Another Mission”. I’ve gone all tingly. Great work! 😀

i’m still trying to pick my jaw off the floor… VERY well done! 😀

Great job on “A Temporal Shift”, It’s awesome. The Frontier: Elite II theme is perfection.

I’m listening to @UncleArt_KS ‘s full orchestral version of the Frontier theme and it’s glorious