“Con Gas” – Mallorca Party Band and Trio

Holly performs with her band ‘Con Gas’ (literally “with fizz”!) in Mallorca. They can perform as an acoustic duo, trio or full band. The core consists of Holly on keys and vocals and the music legend that is her father Dave Lowe on acoustic guitar / bass and vocals. They can add in Simon Fawcett on percussion or drums and celebrated local jazz and pop musician Miguel Ramon on sax and guitar.

The band, because of its multi-instrumentalists and vocalists can give varied types of performance, from full-on energetic  dancing to more gentle background acoustic performances. When the band is a 4 piece it is essentially a 6 or 7 piece with two lead vocalists, keys, sax, bass, guitar and drums! They can very easily adapt volumes for venue size and for when there is a mixture of people wanting to dance as well as those wanting to chat. Often party bands can be too loud for weddings and can alienate the older guests. The generational gap between Holly and Dave mean there is something for everyone and Dave’s extraordinary vocals just enhance the quality experience even more. The band perform a variety of styles and genres from rock and roll, rock, pop, funk to jazz, swing and latin. The acoustic brush-kit or percussion options give extra bounce and energy and fun to the performance but without the volume of a drum kit. Perfect for when the room wants to chat but also be able to dance if they want to or just listen to the music.

Video: Con Gas Acoustic Trio