Such sad news today. I’m a huge fan of David Bowie and I’m so upset by the news. I’ve spent all day listening to his old records and also to his new one which is an amazing parting gift he left us with. I also sat down at the piano and have a recorded my own little tribute for David Bowie.

Life On Mars was the first song I learned for when I got my first piano bar job at Ruby Blues in Leicester Square in London. I went to a friend of a friend’s house in Richmond because they had a piano (something I didn’t have at the time) and made myself learn a whole bunch of new songs. It’s odd that I chose this as the first one because the chord sequence is incredibly complicated and definitely NOT a busker! I guess I just really loved the song. Always have. So, in tribute today, here’s for you David Bowie! x

PS. Apologies for how scruffy I am but I’m too sad to get dressed properly or brush my hair! I know that’s not very Bowie, but like I said – I’m just too upset! x