I love how my job – playing at weddings, let’s me explore so many different places and venues on the island. Many are in the garden of big rustic fincas, in orchards, fancy sprawling hotel lawns, by the sea, on the beach, in the mountains or in this case – on a rooftop! The views from the rooftop at Petit Hotel Son Arnau are fantastic! It was really lovely having the ceremony up there. I played piano during the ceremony and the little newphew of the couple had been practicing like mad for his big moment when he played a classical piece during the signing of the register. It was really lovely and special. The couple were so nice and friendly and everyone was just so happy. I felt like I’d known them all for years!

The ceremony was led by Glynis German who is always so great. She’s funny and relaxed but also tender and sensitive. I always enjoy Glynis’ ceremonies. Not least because she always looks after me in the drinks receptions afterwards too! We moved downstairs for the reception where I swtiched to playing acoustic guitar and singing. Glynis was very attentive, fetching me cavas and cocktails continuously! Making sure musicians are well watered is of course a very important job! Thanks Glynis! It is always appreciated! 🙂 Photos by Katta Tubio

Holly wedding ceremony pianist
Listening to Glynis in the ceremony photo by KattaTubio
Holly wedding guitarist and singer at Son Julia Boutique Hotel in Mallorca
And guitar for the drinks reception 🙂 Photo by Katta Tubio

Here’s a snap from Glynis whilst we were setting up and my daughter was ‘helping’ me soundcheck! 🙂

Rooftop ceremony pianist soundcheck mallorca
Rooftop Soundcheck! Photo by Glynis the celebrant

She’s also known as Mallorca’s #1 Selfie Celebrant! (note I was too busy moving my equipment from the cermeony to the drinks reception to get in the photo! 🙂 Congrats Emma and Lewis the happy couple!

Glynis and the wedding party selfie! 🙂