Hilton Sa Torre Wedding Mallorca

I was booked by an English couple to play at their wedding ceremony in the Hilton Sa Torre in Mallorca. I’d never been to the venue before and it was totally different to what I expected. Usually I assosicate Hilton with being all concrete and glass, but this is a real character building that looks like it must have been converted from an old farm or something. It’s really beautiful and the grounds and surroundings are gorgeous. It has an onsite spa too and get this – an onsite chapel! The chapel is gorgeous and was all done in white with white flowers and white carpet for this couple. We had to put a special rug out for me to be able to get in and set up without dirtying the immaculate carpet!

Wedding pianist at Sa Torre Hilton chapel in Mallorca

Wedding pianist at Sa Torre Hilton chapel in Mallorca


I was asked only to play 3 pieces of music and for no singing – just piano. These pieces were:

1) Bride’s entrance – piano instrumental of Nat King Cole’s ‘When I Fall In Love’

2) Signing the Register – Debussey’s Clair de Lune

3)  Recessional / exit – Piano instrumental of the theme from Champion’s League!!!

This last one is the genius request! It came from – you guessed it – the groom! He’s a big football fan and also it’s kind of fitting because they’ve just got married and feel like champions! He was pumping his fist in the air and singing along “THE CHAMMMMPIONS!” as I was playing! It was really great. I’ll definitely keep this in my repertoire and given that Champions League is Europe-wide it might appeal to many of my European clients too! 🙂

I made a little video of my version of the football theme which I hope you enjoy.


Thanks to Gabrielle and Chris and if you’d like me to play at your wedding – with whatever requests you have! Please get in touch!