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Deia is stunning. It is ridiculous. You can’t take a bad photo. Everywhere you look in Deia is an epic photograph. I’m always so happy to have to go there for work and I can understand why people would want their super-special day to be in one of the most beaufiful places in the world.

This wedding I was asked to play the ceremony in the church of Deia and then the reception on the lawns of The Belmond, Residencia. Even with the awkward walk carrying all my gear (I have a very strong huband/roadie that turns out to be pretty helpful in these situations) from the church through the town to the Residencia (parking is shall we say ‘limited’ in Deia) it was well worth it. I just love going to Deia. I can’t belive I live so close to this idyllic little mountain village. If you are getting married in Deia and you would like some high quality live music for your wedding – give me a shout!

Here’s a rather sweaty selfie I took pre-ceremony in the church:

Deia church wedding music
Sweaty Selfie!

Here are some other photos from the wedding reception at La Residencia in Deia taken by the marvellous wedding photographer Aimee K

wedding reception  guitar and cocals music at la residencia in deia
Wedding reception guitar and vocals at La Residencia in Deia photo by Aimee K
wedding guitarist summer garden wedding mallorca la residencia
Summer garden guitar wedding reception photo by Aimee K
happy bride wedding music mallorca la residencia
Happy bride! Photo by Aimee K